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The Bellydance Museum Patrons

The biggest thanks to the patrons of the museum!
Thanks to you the online version is alive.


Celadon Wood

Courtney Duchardt

Ella Warkentin

Heather Ward

Jen Starfury


Keita Wangari

Kenya Kinyozi

Kristel van Osch
Ksenija Visket

Lorna Little

Jelena Jusis
Margarita Kamjaka

Nadine Olszówka

Natasa Kocar

Patricia Arpasova

Siobhan Camille, Greenstone Belly Dance
Shruti Narayanan, Samai Oriental Dance Company


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We are fully invested in gathering new historical items to create an interesting collection. Do you want to support us and our museum? 

You can become a patron of the museum!
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The Bellydance Museum


In the neighborhood of the Dampoort Railway station 

Ghent, Belgium


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