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19th Century Bellydancers in 3D: a new article + video

Yes, you read it correctly. There is a way how to admire late 19th century Egyptian dancers in 3D! Even in the 19th century, people could appreciate first 3D images from all around the world, gather together and spend evenings going through images from far corners of the planet.

And between those images, several beautiful 3D photos of Egyptian dancers exist. Let me explain how this old type 3D photography worked, and present to you an online-friendly 3D version of those vintage images, so you can explore them in 3D right from the warmth of your home.

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All items in the collections are original, owned by Badriyah. The museum has more than 300 items, only a part is uploaded online.

New items will be published every month. Stay tuned! To understand the division of the categories, please read this article.


Discover antique newspapers, postcards, lithographs, and engravings depicting dancers from Egypt prior 1920.


Discover a collection of magazines, advertisements, postcards, movie programs, press photos, and lobby cards from Golden Era of bellydance in Egypt.

Browse a collection of newspapers, postcards, books, engravings, cartoons, and lobby cards of Western dancers and their versions of "oriental dance".


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