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Ragaa Youssef's personal collection

In the summer of 2022, the Raqs Sharqi museum purchased a rare and truly unique collection - photographs from a personal collection of Ragaa Youssef, including one of her old identity cards. Knowing that Ragaa herself owned these photos is raising their value beyond imaginable.

Unfortunately, Ragaa is, among many others, overshadowed by the fame of Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca, and Soheir Zaki. But her contribution to Egyptinematography is undeniable.

Explore her collection

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Welcome to the Raqs Sharqi Museum! In this section, you can explore three collections. All presented items are actual, physical items that are owned by Badriyah. The items are being carefully archived and preserved. The museum has more than 400 antique and vintage items mainly focused on the evolution of Raqs Sharqi in Egypt. However, not every item is scanned and published yet. Some items, due to their condition, might never be scanned. As the collection is still growing, new items are being published every month. In the section Articles, you can also find some translations of the items or articles about them.


To understand the division of the collections, please read this article. To explore the collections, click on the links below.


Discover antique newspapers, postcards, lithographs, and engravings depicting dancers from Egypt prior 1920.


Discover a collection of magazines, advertisements, postcards, movie programs, press photos, and lobby cards from Golden Era of bellydance in Egypt.

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Browse a collection of newspapers, postcards, books, engravings, cartoons, and lobby cards of Western dancers and their versions of "oriental dance".

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