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Naima Akef - The Jungle Girl!

Dear Golden Era enthusiasts, here we have another translation of an article about Naima Akef from El Etnain Wal Dunya Magazine, April 3rd 1950, this time provided by Basma Alsawalhi & Karolina Sharqi. This article includes a lot of rare photos of Naima with animals. At first look, the article seems to be very banal but at the end, important information comes out - Naima Akef was supposed to collaborate with a British producer on a new movie! Read the translation below:

The main photo on right: "Naima is carrying a new born cub after establishing trust between her and 'the cub’s father'!"

Naima Akef - The Jungle Girl

The English producer Arthur Rank contracted the movie star, Naima Akef, to play a role in a film that takes place in the jungles of Africa. This film will be the first of its kind to be in the Arabic language, that has been long waited in the Eastern market, such as the popularity of “ Tarzan’s” tales.

The brave movie star, travelled to London by plane two weeks ago where she is learning to train wild beasts to appear in front of them, as you see in the next photo.

"After Naima was able to make a tame friend out of this ferocious tiger."

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