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Water the flower - Naima Akef and her hobby

Here we present a translation of a short article written about Naima Akef. The original article in Arabic was published on 14 August, 1956 in El Kawakeb magazine.

The translation was kindly provided by Margaret Cunningham.

Water the flower

The actor Naima Akef – she is not just an actor and not just a dancer...

Naima is uniquely talented, and everyone is fascinated by her like an exotic flower. Naima loves flowers since she was young. She has on her verandah many flowers that she waters every morning, and the flower petals open in the spring. Because of all the flowers she has, her veranda looks like a small version of the hanging gardens of Babylon. Naima cares for her flowers as if they are people; with feelings, they can feel pain and feel happiness. She is kind to her flowers. She is never late to water them, and even if she is at the studio, she makes sure that the gardener waters them. And if she is away from Cairo, she sends a letter to ask about the roses, and jasmine, and basil. That is Naima Akef… in her beautiful morning hours.

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