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Professional Raqs Sharqi dancer


Myths in the Golden Era of Bellydance

1. Egyptian Belly Dance in Transition, The Raqs Sharqi Revolution 1890-1930, Heather D. Ward

2. The Bellydance Museum, Badriyah,

3. A Trade Like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt, Karin van Nieuwkerk

4. Desperately seeking Shafiqa, article by Nisaa

5. El Dorado, article by Nisaa

6. Badia Masabni and her clubs, article by Priscilla Adum

7. Interview with Badia Masabni

8. Malik, Shireen, "She Freed and Floated on the Air": Salome and her Dance of the Seven Veils", University of California Press, 2008, pp.134-153

9. The collections of the Bellydance Museums, article by Badriyah

10. Interview with Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca

11. Interview with Samia Gamal, 1968

12. Dancers of Badia Masabni, article by Priscilla Adum

13. Video of Samia Gamal, The Millionaire’s Love, 1957,

14. Video of Naima Akef, Ahhebak Ya Hassan, 1958

15. Video of Naima Akef, Furigat, 1951

16. Huriyya Mohammed, article by Priscilla Adum

17. Samia Gamal, article by Dasha

18. The Egyptian Folklore, Prof. Abdel Khader Mokhtar, Fifth Book Luxor

19. The story of Imtithal, article by Priscilla Adum

20. Online lectures by Nisaa

21. Badia Masabni advertisement, by Priscilla Adum

22. Badia Masabni and Beba Ezz El-Din, by Priscilla Adum

23. Badia Masabni flyer, by Priscilla Adum

24. Video of Tahia Carioca

25. Video of Tahia Carioca

26. Video of Banat Maazin

27. Video of hagallah, Undisturbed Honeymoon, 1968

28. Video of hagallah by Koumaya Troupe

29. Salome, Where She Danced, full movie, 1945

30. The Son of the Sheik, full movie, 1926

31. The Life of Badia Masabni, part 2, by Priscilla Adum

32. Before They Were Bellydancers, Kathleen Fraser




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