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Professional Raqs Sharqi dancer


Naima Akef's Steps

Golden Era Inspiration - dance class

Naima Akef's Steps
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Naima Akef, a gem in the realm of Raqs Sharqi, left an indelible mark on the dance form with her unique style and artistry. While embracing the popular techniques of the Golden Era, she added her personal flair, infusing each movement with grace and beauty.


In this 2h class, I will guide you through the following:

  • 8 different steps

  • 19 variations

  • 1 bonus movement

  • 1 tip & trick

  • full choreography


To bring it all together, we will delve into a choreography inspired by Naima Akef, gracefully performed to the enchanting song "Tuta" from the album "AlHaan Zaman," produced by Shahrzad. Join me in this immersive experience as we celebrate the legacy of Naima Akef and discover the timeless elegance of Raqs Sharqi.

By purchasing the video, you will receive streaming access to this video. You can play it whenever you want, directly at this website.

Additional information

Music used in the video:


Duration and cost

135 minutes

39€ / 43$

You can purchase the video by clicking directly on the video above.

How to practise with the video?

My suggestion is to practise with the video at least three times, ideally to do six different practises:

  1. Introduction + technique & exercises of the first four steps

  2. Repeat the exercises of the first four steps, learn the technique and do exercises of the following three steps

  3. Repeat the exercises of the first seven steps, learn the technique and do exercises of the last step, bonus step and tip & trick

  4. Repeat all technique exercises and learn part 1 of the choreography

  5. Repeat all technique exercises, review part 1 and learn part 2 of the choreography

  6. Learn part 3 of the choreography and practise it all together

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