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Golden Era Inspiration - Myths in the Golden Era of Bellydance

There are so many myths that still circulate in our community, such as that Badia Masabni was the grandmother of Raqs Sharqi, or that Hollywood elevated Bellydance. In this lecture, Badriyah will debunk 14 myths.

70 min, $19.9

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Golden Era Inspiration - Samia Gamal's arms

Dance class focused on the beautiful art of Samia Gamal's arms. The class includes typical Samia's postures, signature arm movements and patterns. The technique is connected to a 1 min short choreography to the song of Farid Al Atrash: Wayak.

50 min, $19.9

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Dance in Egypt in the 19th century

A lecture about the evolution of Egyptian dance during the 19th century, from French occupation, until the birth of the word "bellydance". The evolution of dance, the life of dancers, Awalim, Ghawazee, first famous dancers, taxation, ban on dancers in 1834 and more.

23 min, $9.9

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Golden Era Inspiration - How to study Golden Era

Would you like to study Golden Era of Bellydance, but don't know how to start, where to find inspiration and how to build your performance? This lecture is for you. It includes an important view of what Golden Era means, background explanation, how to find the correct focus and what are the performance possibilities.

CZ - 50 min - Zakoupení lekce ZDE

Free Mini Classes

Common Misunderstandings in
Golden Era Bellydance

Golden Era Bellydance is back in fashion! With more performances of the vintage style, plenty of confusion and misunderstandings flooded the performers. This video tries to point out the most common ones and give a brief explanation. 

How not to become a copy of your
bellydance teacher

Have you been there? Did somebody tell you that you dance exactly like someone else? Or are you thinking of your bellydance teacher as a goddess or do you think it is enough to have one "guru"? Well, it is hard then to become yourself in your dance, isn't it? No worries, if you want, you can do something about it.

Bellydance technique, drills and challenges

Short videos focused on bellydance technique, from beginners to advanced dancers.

Bellydancer's Vocabulary

- basic technique, explanation and practise, beginners

Shimmy Drills

- various shimmies and layering, intermediate to advanced

Bellydance Challenge

- more advanced layering & combinations, advanced



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