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Samia Gamal's Arms

Golden Era Inspiration - dance class

Samia Gamal's Arms
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Isn't the way Samia Gamal used her arms and shoulders unique? Yes, it is! Samia was distinguishable from others by her posture, steps, and especially arms, chest and head movements.


This dance class is focused on the beautiful art of Samia Gamal's arms. The class includes typical Samia's postures, signature arm movements and patterns. The technique is connected into a 1 min short choreography to the song of Farid Al Atrash: Wayak.

By purchasing the video, you will receive streaming access to this video. You can play it whenever you want, directly at this website.

Additional information

Music used in the video: Wayak - Farid AL Atrash


Duration and cost

50 minutes, 29 euro

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